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The Race


This morning, I went for a run with my youngest dog, Bronx. At 1 and 1/2 years old, Bronx is a very active puppy. He has done very well in learning since I have returned from my deployment. Still young, but smart and goofy at the same time. He is a joy to be around. Everytime I come home from work, he acts as a child would on Christmas morning!

I started taking him running with me a few weeks back after my wife said he pulls to hard for her. Boy, was she not kidding! That first day, we basically sprinted the first 2 miles of my trek. Man, did that throw off my training. It has taken a couple of weeks of training with him, I finally am back to my training schedule. Bronx does a great job trusting that I am still there, when in the beginning he always would turn his body into my gait to see me. He also responds very well to leash tugs for turning.

This morning, as we were finishing up a quick 5K run through our new quiet neighborhood, I decided to try something new.

For the last 1/4 mile we raced. I let the leash out to the fullest, and started sprinting to my house. On cue, Bronx sprung into hyperspeed and kept up with his old pappy!

I am proud of my puppy and enjoy running with him. As the years go by, I am sure that he will continue to enjoy our runs together.

Now our oldest puppy, Bailey (6 years), runs with Momma (Kim), so no worrying about her.

So if you have a dog you can run or walk with, it really is an enjoyable thing. I reccommend you give it a try. You don’t have to stop your regular training schedule or routine, or other activities you enjoy, but add this into it. I am sure it would be a good thing.

Go for a run or walk today!

I will catch you on the flip side.


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As a child…as an adult…

As a child I would…

Tie my own shoes

Pour my own cereal

Use a step stool to wash dishes

Float down the gutters in the rain

Race my bicycle all over the neighborhood

Build a tree house

Look silly wearing my Father’s clothes

Play Army

Swim in the pool

Love to go camping

Walk to school

Stay outside until the street lights came on


As an adult I…

Creek sometimes when I tie my own shoes

Still eat cereal, but I can pour my own milk now

Put the dishes in the dishwasher

Too big to float, but enjoy the sound and smell of rain

Drive my truck all over the place…and I run all over for exercise as well

Live in a real house with indoor plumbing

Probably would still look silly if I wore my Father’s clothes

Am in the Army

Swim in the ocean any chance I am on a coast

Still loves to camp

Learns from reading manuals and books

Work past the time the street lights come on


Enjoy life; even the simplest of things.  Remember the good things in life.

I will catch you on the flip side.





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I figure I was due for an update.  Usually I am a dark themed individual and it usually shows graphically in whatever I do; blog, facebook, books I own, stuff I like, etc.  But I figured I had turned a corner recently.  It dawned on me that I had not really been enjoying life.  I had been enjoying things in life, but not life itself.  I was able to appreciate the things around me, but was never quite satisfied.

With this past deployment, and the resettlement process continuing, I have found a new appreciation:  an appreciation for life itself.  So, I am beginning something new, at 30!  I am looking at things differently, and that is a great feeling.  It is exciting.  I appreciate the things I have and search for things to fulfill the newness I have attained.  I think is is just another discovery in the path I call, “becoming human.”

Recently (the 12th of this month) my Wife and I signed for our first house.  We had planned on getting one soon after we were married, but time, and military plans changed that.  With my coming home and resettling, we decided it was time to look.  After almost 100 houses viewed, and dozens walked through, we found OUR home.

So, to go with the theme of the change in blog design and the title of the post, here is a picture of OUR new house.

Have a great day.  I will catch you on the flip side.


OUR first house! Love the view from the lens!

Posted by: hemlock1981 | 07/06/2012

A cry for the vegans to be heard!

I was food shopping with my Wife the other day and noticed that in the “health-food” isle of the grocery store, they were proudly serving “gluten-free products.”  They were touting it as a new health kick.  Now before you start to go into any antagonizing monologue about the gluten-free diet, remember whose blog you are reading…I usually have an explanation for my initial “grievance.”

So, I was intrigued enough to wonder why so many grocery stores are now touting the gluten-free diet as a new health kick, to go along-side vegetarian.  From my understanding there was nothing wrong with gluten itself, so far as to its status as healthy.  I did a quick search and found that gluten is a protein found commonly in many foods, mostly wheat.  As with all individuals, we need protein.  Gluten provides some of that protein.

Now, here is the part where I explain:  Some people have a sensitivity to the gluten protein; not an allergic reaction, but a sensitivity.  Statistics show that between one-half and one percent of the population has this sensitivity.  I happen to know someone with this sensitivity.  This child is the son of a very good friend of mine.  It is well of these people to avoid the gluten protein.  But as to other health benefits from not ingesting gluten, there are none.

My problem is not with gluten or the gluten-free diet itself.  My problem is with marketing it as a new health fad, in order to market a grocery store as health conscience.  I agree, gluten-free is good for those who have that sensitivity, but I am sure, that those who have that sensitivity, or those responsible for them, are aware of the fact and already plan, shop, and eat accordingly.  But do not market is as something very health conscience in order to promote your store.

My next point is this, my Wife is vegan.  She does so for a healthier lifestyle.  While I do enjoy several of the items on a vegan’s diet, I really enjoy my meat and potatoes.  Chicken is one of my favorite foods.  I do make a very good lemon chicken stir fry.  I also love to grill chicken and turkey.  But I digress.  My Wife has been asking our local grocer to stock vegan-friendly items in their health food section, but to no avail.  They do not see the difference between vegetarian and vegan.  Some people do not, but even before my wife went vegan, I knew the difference.  So instead of being able to do all of our shopping at one grocer, we have to go to three, on top of going to local farmer’s markets for fresh vegetables.

I am not a health fanatic by any means; I am, however, and have been more health conscience these last few years, as I have arrived at an age where my body is more important than in my teen-age years.

My thought process is this:  the stores do not carry vegan-friendly products because they do not see a heavy influx of vegans into their stores…but what about those who eat off of the vegan menu?  I cannot say for certain, but I would venture to say that the vegan population is more than the percentage of those with a sensitivity to gluten.  Why cater to a smaller population, giving an excuse as the one given about not having a lot of vegan requests?  It makes no sense to me.  I am not saying these stores need not offer nor promote gluten-free products.  I am saying, I would like to see more options, the ones that I like, and for that matter, the ones I don’t, added onto the shelves.  I am not saying they have to give up offering the “bad” foods, or everyone has to eat vegan from now on, but I am saying there needs to be more options.  This way, I feel, that those who are vegan can enjoy a “one-stop shopping experience,” while those who dabble can have the options as well.  This way we can all eat a little healthier and live a little better.

So, if your local grocer does not carry a vegan line of foods, encourage them to do so.  It will add to their business and project a better image.  Also, take care of your bodies, remembering that moderation is important.  Eat right and exercise.  Make good choices, and smile more.

I will catch you on the flip side.


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Call me closed-minded

The sky is not blue. Shocking as it may seem, we have been led astray by our elementary school teachers. The sky is actually clear. The colors we see in the sky are a result of the sun’s light reflecting off of the elements in the air. That is why we have the blues, reds, purples, oranges, and yellows we see in the sky at different times of the day.

But it is ok to disagree and say that the sky is blue. You have every right to disagree. I have every right to study and find the correct answer and disagree as well. You may feel like calling the sky blue. So call the sky blue, I will not discriminate. I will not be the one to not allow you to call the sky blue, just because you are incorrect. I will not treat you poorly because you hold an incorrect belief.

Disagreement is not discrimination. It should not be misinterpreted as such. Disagreement is a thought. Discrimination is an action, or a withholding of an action. I am tired of people expressing their distaste for my opinion. I am not forcing anyone to believe my opinions. I am not treating others unfairly for having a different opinion. I am tired of people telling me that I cannot speak my opinion, because it is not the opinion they share. I am also displeased that those same people, who try to tell me that I cannot speak my opinion, not only degrade my opinion, but out of the same mouth speak about treating everyone equally. How is this not hypocrisy?

I have my beliefs and opinions. I am entitled to own them. I pride myself on getting all the knowledge I can about a subject in order to have the best opinion, or forge a belief. I believe that feelings alone should not be the basis for beliefs and opinions. When we disagree while using feelings it is an argument. When we disagree while using facts or research it is called a discussion, or in a formal setting, a debate.

I also believe that I should not be repressed because one of more of my opinions are either, “not popular, not ‘yours’, or long winded in explanation.”

As silly or simple as the example of the ‘blue sky’ may be, it is a perfect example for me to use to show that disagreement is not discrimination, and the problem exists.

We are free to have differing opinions. It is a tragedy that we have come to a point we are timid to speak our minds, because it might offend people. Yes, it happens, but there are ways to state an opinion without being intentionally offensive (that explanation may be for another time and place).

So next time do not be so timid. Let your opinion out. It is a great way to get to know people, what makes them tick, and hey, you might just learn something.

Catch you on the flip side.


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